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– An alliance of over Sweden

Alliance consists of the Moderate Party, the Centre Party, Liberal Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats. In the 2006 election, we received voter confidence to form a government and we also collaborate in many municipalities and counties all over Sweden.

Alliance believes in people’s innate desire to take responsibility and grow on its own. We won the confidence of the electorate as an alliance of more jobs and growing companies as the basis for a better welfare. We have brought with us when we formed government. For us it’s about responding to one of democracy’s bearing bases – to adopt policies for people to solution to their real problems.

Before the autumn elections, we are looking at national and local level voter confidence for developing Sweden. We will once again face the voters as a single government option with a common manifesto. Meanwhile, four different parties. That we have slightly different starting points is an asset. Our cooperation contributes to a common reference framework and that we take advantage of all the skills and the different perspectives found in our parties.

The Alliance’s reforms are based on our values ​​of freedom, responsibility and fairness. Our premise is that all people are different but with the same dignity. It is therefore important that both women and men get more power over their lives. We want to create a Sweden where every person coming into their own and can realize their potential.

Regardless of background, all have opportunities to grow and develop. All people have the same right to a dignified life. Everyone should not have to live the same way, but everyone should have the same opportunities to develop as independent people. It is not the least about having a job to go to. Not primarily because it is economically best, but because every human being should be able to influence their own lives and be part of a working community.

Although important reforms have taken place during the electoral period, there are still many tasks. Sweden faces several major challenges. The alliance faced the task with great hopefulness about Sweden’s best time lies ahead. We believe in Sweden and want it to be a country that takes precedence and is characterized by a strong cohesion between people.

Before the autumn elections, we are determined to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Together we gradually develop Sweden to become an even better place for all people.

The 2010 election is about the future. What we want Sweden to be characterized by. What are the values ​​we want to bear Sweden. About how we’re doing a great country even better. We are four parties that represent freedom, responsibility and security. We believe in human ingenuity and will to take responsibility.

Elections 2010
For almost four years we have had the Swedish people’s confidence to lead Sweden. It has been four years of reform for jobs, welfare, environment and future.

We have made it more profitable to work with historic tax credits for low-and middle-income earners. We have reduced firms’ costs of hiring and made it easier and more profitable to run a business. Several reforms to better support people without jobs back to work has been launched. We have begun work for more knowledge and good working atmosphere in the school, a worthy elder care, a safer and more accessible care, and made historic investments in the Swedish legal system. With a unique focus on roads and rail networks we connect Sweden. With the world’s most ambitious climate and energy targets, Sweden is now at the forefront of cutting emissions.

Meanwhile, we have taken responsibility for Sweden in a difficult time. As a global financial crisis hit the world and presented us with the most difficult test since the Depression of the 1930s. We have fought the crisis with clear actions for jobs, shift and resources to protect the welfare of the whole of Sweden. While we have made sure not to compromise on the responsibility for the Swedish economy.

The 2010 election, we are seeking voter confidence to continue the work. Sweden is a good country to live in. It does not mean that everything in Sweden is good. Much remains to be done.

Together, we want to continue to be responsible for the Swedish economy. We want more people to be able to stand on their own feet and feel the joy of making a living through their own labor. Businesses should start, stay and grow in Sweden. More companies will be run by women. We want to see a school where every child gets the chance to reach their full potential. Health care and social services should feel characterized by accessibility, quality and choice. Our higher education and research to world-class. People should be able to feel safe from violence and crime. We want to continue to take the lead on climate change.

Now we gather all the people who want to see a continued alliance government in Sweden. We have many challenges ahead of us. Together we can make a good Sweden better.

Fredrik Reinfeldt
, Maud Olofsson
, Jan Björklund
Göran Hägglund